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Damián Pumar

Technical coach @CodeScouts

Lead Frontend Engineer @Argilla

🏗️ Software Architect ~ 🧮 Software Engineer

🥋 Software Craftsman ~ 🎤 Speaker

I live in Spain 🇪🇸, I was born in Argentina 🇦🇷

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Damián Pumar

Who am I?

I'm a Software Architect and Sr. software developer with more than 13 years of experience in the industry. I started to work professionally at 2010. I'm a passionate about software development and I love sharing my knowledge with others. I started my career as a fullstack developer @Neoris after that I worked as a Software Craftsman @Codurance. Today, I'm mainly focussed on frontend architecture designing components to make more easy, reusable and scalable web applications like ts-injecty. I'm also Speaker in different conferences and meetups.

Recent Blogposts

  • Communication between <iframe>

    Communication between <iframe>

    The iframe's are a powerful tool, but sometimes we need to send data from the iframe to the parent window, in this post I will explain how can you send data from <iframe> to its parent window without any cors restriction and sending complex objects.

  • Add new functionality with less code ⌨️

    Add new functionality with less code ⌨️

    In this post I will explain how can you add it new functionality with less changes are posible, without modifying the design of your application, without breaking any SOLID principles using the decorator pattern.

  • Frontend dependency injection container

    Frontend dependency injection container

    do you know what dependency injection is? How do dependency injection containers work? In this post I will explain how it works and how you can implement it in your project, we will see the advantages, disadvantages with code examples.